During this unprecedented time of dealing with the Novel COVID-19 virus, we at CPIFRS wanted to provide for you some supportive resources to help you to stay informed. Below are some phone numbers and links to websites or Facebook pages to these resources.
Crisis Hotlines for all the Counties we serve:
  • United Way: Help with any crisis or assistance in any County: just dial 211
  • Hillsdale County Crisis Line: 800-273-8255 Facebook Page
  • Lenawee County Crisis Line: 517-664-5005
  • Monroe County Crisis Line: 800-886-7340 Facebook Page
  • Washtenaw County Crisis Line: 734-544-3050 Website
  • Wayne County Crisis Line: 800-241-4949 Website

Are you a Medicaid enrolled pregnant woman or the parent or caregiver of a Medicaid enrolled infant under 12 months?

Call us today and we can start connecting you to resources and referrals in your community!

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